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International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, we're celebrating all the amazing women across each department who help make Knowsley Safari so special! We caught up with a few of our colleagues, to highlight the importance of their contributions and achievements, by asking them the following questions:

What has inspired you to get into your role? 

Is there a moment you've particularly enjoyed, something you're proud of or achieved within your job role at Knowsley Safari?

Charlotte Haigh, Senior Keeper of Carnivores

I’ve always wanted to work with animals. Growing up watching the likes of Michaela Strachan, Liz Bonnin and Kate Humble inspired me to pursue a career focusing on wildlife conservation and welfare. Through my role as a senior carnivore keeper at Knowsley Safari I love that I am actively involved in providing high standards of care to the animals within our collection and get the opportunity to promote the conservation of their wild counterparts on a daily basis whilst inspiring the next generation of female conservationists.

I’ve really enjoyed bonding with our male tiger Miron, it’s a privilege to be able to work such a stunning animal every day. I’m very proud of my role in helping to create behavioural training plans for him and some of the other species on section. These plans help to provide enrichment and improve how we manage these species in captivity for the benefit of their welfare.

Nicola Watson, Schools Supervisor

I have always wanted to work with animals and was constantly encouraged to explore my interests around animals and the natural world. Growing up I was inspired by the many wildlife presenters on TV, Kate Humble was a personal favourite, to follow my passion for conservation. Throughout university I found I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others and eventually discovered my voice in Conservation Education – I hope I can inspire the next generation of women in science!

I think my proudest moment was when our Wild & Well program won the first Gold BIAZA award for Knowsley Safari. The program was a real passion-project to get children in the local area to engage with the natural world and give them the opportunity to access our greenspaces. We worked hard as a team to create a unique and powerful program and it was incredible when that hard work was recognised by such a large institution as BIAZA.

Becky Hall, Senior Keeper of Carnivores

For me, I believe that inspiration comes from within or the things around you, rather than a person. I have always had a deep interest and passion for animals and the natural world from a very young age, this has developed into a deep motivation to work with and conserve wildlife, with a particular interest in Carnivores. From taking my first steps outside a big cat enclosure at a zoo, I began my journey through a career working in animal collections.

Throughout my career so far, I've been lucky enough to experience so many wonderful and challenging things. I take great pride in all that I do, most recently succeeding in the promotion to senior keeper on the carnivore team. This new role comes with respect and a new level of responsibility when caring for the animals on our section, as well as aiding the keeping team to the best of my abilities.

Ellie Hill, Learning Manager

The Natural World continues to inspire me, the more you learn you more amazing it is. I love passing on facts about animals and plants and seeing children have that ‘WOW’ moment.

I am really proud of the Work skills program, it has been running for a year now giving students from special education needs schools an opportunity to come and gain transferable skills from trying out a range of job roles at the safari. The students absolutely love it! It is brilliant when a student enjoys a job role and are interested in doing it when they leave school. It is amazing to be able to offer a programme that makes such a difference to young peoples lives.

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