The UK's Longest Safari Drive


Our 550-acre Safari Drive is home to many animals from around the world. From Bactrian Camels and White Rhino to Baboons and African Lions, you can see them all as you drive around the grounds. The route is split into different continental zones where you’ll drive through many habitats and see our collection of animals along the way. Once you’ve finished your roar-some experience, you can head down to our Foot Safari - both experiences are included in your ticket!

Your adventure begins in Eastern Asia where you’ll meet our herd of Bactrian Camels whose coat sheds throughout the year, and lots of Yaks, Eastern Kiang and Père David’s Deer roaming around. In the Southern Asia area, you’ll find the Axis Deer and Eld’s Deer as well as Nilgai and Blackbuck. 

Our African Savannah zone is home to one of the largest White Rhino crashes in the UK. Watch out for the world’s largest bird too, the Ostrich, as they love to come over and say hello! Can you spot the distinct markings on the Roan Antelope or the short pointed horns of the Waterbuck? Whilst driving through the African woodland, keep your eyes peeled for the Sitatunga too.

Dare to enter the monkey jungle? The most anticipated area of the Safari Drive. Hold on to your seatbelts as our Baboons steal the show. They’ll come right up to your car so, if you’d prefer, our car-friendly route will allow you to watch from afar. If you still want the full mischievous experience, why not book the Baboon Bus?


A real highlight of the Safari Drive is meeting the Pride of Knowsley in the lion enclosure where our pride of African Lions roam around. See for yourself!

The beauty of the Safari Drive is that it's different every time you drive through and the best part is, you can go around as many times as you like!

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After you’ve finished the Safari Drive, why not go round again or explore the Foot Safari? See the Sea Lions up close, watch displays of our Birds of Prey and so much more. Both are included in your ticket so why not make the most of your wild adventure?

Warning infographic incase of a breakdown

Warning infographic incase of a breakdown

It's important to us that our guests and animals stay safe so we ask all guests to follow our rules of entry. Our animals behave as close to the wild as possible and can be unpredictable, so you should stay inside your car at all times. If you break down while on the safari drive it is important that all passengers stay within the car, you should sound your horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to come to your assistance.

Our safari drive is full of wild animals who can act unpredictably at times and we are not able to accept any responsibility for damage caused by our baboons within their enclosure. If you would prefer not to take this risk then why not take our car-friendly route or even hop on our Baboon Bus.

Guests are strictly prohibited from feeding the animals – that’s our job! If you are seen feeding the animals from your vehicle you will be asked to leave.

Dogs are not allowed in any areas of Knowsley Safari. This includes both the Safari Drive and also the pedestrian areas of the Foot Safari.

We do however provide basic accommodation for your dog should you wish to bring them on your trip.

Our kennels provide basic accommodation for your pet. Drinking water is available but we do not provide water bowls or blankets. Please feel free to bring with you any items that will make your pet as comfortable as possible. A £5.00 refundable padlock is available at reception on arrival.

We are famous for our drive-through Baboon enclosure but did you know that you can watch their antics from a safe distance if you’re not quite brave enough to venture in? You can take our car-friendly route which still gives you fantastic views of our cheeky residents.

If you fancy the thrill of the Baboons without any of the risk then try our baboon bus. You can book your seats online and you’ll be driven the whole way round the safari as well as through the baboon enclosure.

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