Stay safe when you explore and follow our rules of entry

Our animals behave as close to the wild as possible and can be unpredictable, so staying safe inside your car at all times is essential. If you break down while on the safari drive, it is important that all passengers stay within the car – you should sound your horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to come to your assistance.

Guests are strictly prohibited from feeding the animals – that’s our job! If you are seen feeding the animals from your vehicle you will be asked to leave the park.

Our safari drive is full of wild animals who can act unpredictably at times and we are not able to accept any responsibility for loss or damage caused by any of our animals and you accept this as part of our conditions of entry.

To reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle follow the car-friendly route to avoid entering the baboon enclosure, never stop next to our larger animals and if approached move forward slowly. Alternatively, why not purchase tickets for our Baboon Bus?

  • You enter the park at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to your vehicle by our animals under any circumstances.

  • Please do not touch or feed the animals in the safari park.

  • Entry to the Safari Drive is at the discretion of Knowsley staff. Knowsley reserves the right to refuse entry of any vehicle to any part of the Safari Drive on safety grounds for both public and animal welfare. 

  • Vehicles with cracked windscreens will not be allowed entry to the Safari Drive. 

  • Vehicles with soft tops, roof boxes or sunroofs will not be allowed through the lion or baboon section. Glass on all vehicles must be intact, with no low or dragging undercarriages, and there must be no excessive damage e.g. nothing sharp or loose wiring. Food on vehicles is strictly forbidden. 

  • Large Vehicles: Coaches, buses and vans with roof-top skylights are only suitable for the car-friendly route. Vehicles with emergency break glass, uncovered tops (e.g. tree surgeon trucks), and lockable sliding and back doors will not be allowed through the lion or baboon section. Vehicles with unsecured items like ladders or pipes on top will be inspected at the gate staff's discretion. Pick-up trucks with open beds or unsecured loads are not permitted, solid covers have to be able to lock, and no fabric covers. 

  • Baboons may damage your vehicle, an alternative car-friendly route is available for vehicles that don't want to risk it or don’t meet the above requirements.

  • Please read and comply with all signs, especially to keep windows and doors locked and closed when in the Baboon enclosure and Lion Reserves.

  • Dogs are not allowed in any areas of the safari park.  We do however provide basic accommodation for your dog at the kennels on the edge of the foot safari.

  • It’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure everyone stays in the car in the safari park, and precautions are taken for their car. For your own safety do not get out of your car as there are wild animals on the safari drive.

  • Sitting on your car roof on the safari drive is not permitted.

  • Please drive on if any large animal approaches the vehicle – it’s the driver’s responsibility to do so.

  • If you break down or need assistance, please stay in the car, sound the horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to come. Knowsley Safari does not accept any responsibility for any vehicle faults that arise whilst in the park.

  • Children must be under the supervision of adults, and cars containing children must keep the doors locked at all times.

  • We have the right to refuse entry at our own discretion for the safety of our guests and animals.

Dogs are not allowed in any areas of the safari park. This includes both the safari drive and also the pedestrian areas of the park.

We do however provide basic accommodation for your dog should you wish to bring them on your trip.

A £10.00 refundable padlock is available at reception on arrival.

Our kennels provide basic accommodation for your pet. Drinking water is available but we do not provide water bowls or blankets. Please feel free to bring with you any items that will make your pet as comfortable as possible.

Knowsley Safari enters into this agreement on behalf of themselves, contractors and all agents. The following and the above terms and conditions stand unless changes are made in writing and signed by Knowsley Safari.

Knowsley Safari accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that happens as a result of ignoring the safety advice or other conditions as explained. Knowsley Safari reserves the right to alter prices, facilities and animals without notice, each person who enters the park agrees to all these terms and conditions.

1. Membership

1.1 Your membership will begin on the day you join unless paying by direct debit.

1.2 When paying by Direct Debit (DD), an initial payment will be required to cover the period up to your first DD payment. DD Membership commences next day.

1.3 Your membership is personal to you. You cannot transfer/loan/give it to another person.

1.4 If Knowsley Safari or the bank/building society makes a mistake with your direct debit payment you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your bank/building society.

1.5 If you pay by direct debit you do not qualify for the “20% off renewal offer”

1.6 Ride wristbands are provided to children only.  

1.7 Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.

1.8 Memberships are Non-Refundable. You can use your membership as often as you like, if you are unable to use your membership for any reason you will not be eligible for a refund.

1.9 A valid email and phone number must be provided


2. Fees

2.1 You must pay a monthly membership which will be determined by your chosen membership package or pay in full.

2.2 When setting up a Direct Debit Membership on the website a booking fee of £10.00 is payable per membership set up.

2.3 Monthly instalments will be due on either the 1st, 8th, 15th or 25th of each calendar month or the next available working day by Direct Debit.

2.4 We may change the amount of your monthly payments. If we do we will write to you by email at least 14 days before the changes take place.

2.5. Monthly fees are payable even if you do not use Knowsley Safari.

2.6 Missed or declined payments will result in your membership being suspended until payment has been made. No free access to the park will be allowed during this period. Any outstanding payments will need to be paid prior to entry.

2.7 Renewal discount is not applicable for direct debit payments. Nor is any entrance refund.

2.8 Direct debit payments will show as Stanley Enterprise on your bank statement.


3. Cancelling Your Membership

3.1 Memberships cannot be cancelled prior to the agreed contract length that you have signed up for and the last payment has been made. A contract may be cancelled once the final payment has been made; this requires 30 days notice in writing (e-mail A confirmation letter will be sent back. Queries on cancelled memberships can only be dealt with when a copy of this letter is provided. Contact Knowsley Safari on 0151 430 9009.


4. Conditions of entry

4.1 You must comply with the conditions of entry which forms part of this agreement.

4.2 We may change the conditions of entry at any time. We issue any changes on entry to Knowsley Safari.

4.3 Misuse of memberships and membership cards may result in the membership being terminated.

4.4 Under 3’s entry is free of charge. Any child of a current member reaching their third birthday will be charged a full day admission or a membership may be purchased.


5. Changing the Agreement

5.1 We can change the DD agreement at any time. We will give you 14 day’s notice of this change in writing to the email address you have given us.


6. Facilities

6.1 You are entitled to use the benefits available for your category of membership package.

6.2 You may have to pay additional charges to use certain other facilities/activities at the park. You can get a list of these from our information centre. We can change these prices at any time.

6.3 Knowsley Safari may open/close earlier at any time without notice. Facilities may also close without notice. No refunds will be available for these periods.

6.4 We may change our opening times or withdraw any of the facilities at any time.

6.5 Rides are seasonal (Summer period 7 days per week – Winter period weekends and school holidays)

6.6 We may need to close a facility or part of it for repair/refurbishment on the grounds of health and safety or improving customer service without notice.

6.7 Your membership does not give you priority over other users or guarantee the availability of facilities.

6.8 Member benefits are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

6.9 Please be aware of our winter opening schedule.

6.10  A “Child & Rides Membership” or “Rides Membership” must be shown  for free wristbands. Adult Membership does not include this benefit but includes a £2.00 wristband discount.

6.11 Cards must be shown at time of purchase, no refunds given after payment.


7. Membership Cards

7.1 You must submit your membership card at respective reception points to access the park; otherwise we will charge you the standard entry fee or price.

7.2 All members must have their photograph taken for identification purposes; this will be stored on Knowsley Safari database. This information will solely be used by Knowsley Safari and will not be released to any third parties.

7.3 If you lose your membership card we will charge a fee of £5.00 to replace it.


8. Benefits

8.1 Child membership cards do not qualify for discounts on retail, catering, birthday parties or experiences.

8.2 Adult memberships do not qualify for free wristbands but does give £2.00 off.

8.3 Maximum discount on retail is 10% on all levels.

8.4 Only Adult members with a valid email address opting-in to our communication program will receive exclusive offers and early bird booking information.

8.5 Only Adult Membership qualify for 20% reduced guest admission.

8.6 Membership is not valid for out of hour events unless stated.

8.7 Tickets available at the ticket office.

8.8 Membership packs will be one per account.

9. Renewals 

9.1 Renewal discount is not applicable to direct debit membership 

9.2 A 20% discount for paid in full membership is applicable four weeks either side of your expiry date. 

9.3 If the renewal discount is applied to your membership this will act as a continuation of your existing membership. The expiry date will not be extended should the membership be renewed after the expiry date. 

9.4  If a carer membership is due to be renewed this has now been replaced with the Access Card, please click here to apply for your card, this will allow anyone to act as an essential companion for the member requiring assistance with their visit.  

9.5 You will receive an email and link to renew online before your expiry date, please make sure we have your latest details up to date so you do not miss out on the renewal discount. 

  1. Right of admission reserved.

  2. On entering the park visitors are bound by the conditions of entry.

  3. Feeding of animals is strictly forbidden.

  4. Children aged under 36 months are free of charge.

  5. Child rate applies to children aged 3 to 15.

  6. Adult rate applies to those aged 16 to 59.

  7. Senior rate applies to those 60 years or over.

  8. A group rate is available to parties of 15 or more in one vehicle.

  9. School rates only apply during school term times.

  10. Nursery rates: please contact the park directly.

  11. Concessions for carers: From January 1st 2024 we will only be accepting the Nimbus Disability Access Card as proof that a visitor requires an essential companion to assist you with your visit. You can apply for an Access Card here. Please allow 10 days for your application to be processed before visiting. Visitors without an Access Card will be charged the standard admission price on arrival.

  12. We do not offer a student discount/NHS.

  13. At this time we do not offer foster carers discounts.

  14. We operate a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse towards staff.

  15. Refunds are not available for online tickets; tickets may be transferred to an alternate date in the same price bracket up to 24 hours before your visit. Tickets purchased online cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  16. Blue Peter Badge holders - From Monday 1st July 2024, we will no longer accept Blue Peter Badges.
    Currently, Blue Peter Badge holders can come to Knowsley Safari for free. One child badge holder with a valid badge card goes free with each full-paying adult. Free Blue Peter Badge entry cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers and does not provide free entry to any evening or out-of-season events.

  1. Baboon Bus tickets are Non-Refundable.

  2. Please arrive early, tickets are not transferrable to other services.

  3. Prams are not permitted, please use pram park at own risk or leave in your vehicle.

  4. Please arrive at the bus stop on time to allow prompt departure. If you are late we won’t wait.

  5. Wheelchair users– please contact the park on  0151 430 9009 ext. 6 for availability.

  6. Food is not permitted on the bus.

  7. Air-Conditioning is not provided and windows must be closed in certain sections, so the bus can get very hot, please bring water with you on hot days.

  8. Passengers must remain seated at all times.

  9. Under 1’s can sit on knees free of charge, however we recommend all guests purchase a seat for comfort.

  10. Please note during busy periods the tour can take up to 2 hours and does the full 5 ½ mile drive.

  11. Our animals behave naturally and we cannot guarantee all species will be available or visible during your visit.

  12. We reserve the right to alter our schedule without notice.

  13. During periods of high winds some areas may not be accessible for safety reasons.

Knowsley Safari is committed to protecting your privacy and security. How and why we use your personal information is set out in our privacy policy so you are informed and in control of your data.

Please see our full Privacy Policy here.

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