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Published on: March 14th, 2019

On a bright and cold day in December, three of our beautiful white rhino took a very short trip to their winter holiday home on the foot safari!

With winter comes soft ground and chilly temperatures, two things that our rhinos aren’t keen on. So in order to give them the best start to 2019, some of the herd will take a trip to the foot safari to their winter holiday home, while up on the safari drive, we’ll be keeping an eye on the weather and depending on ground conditions may close on colder, wetter days

Your foot safari adventure will now include 3 new safari family favourites from the safari drive!…

Winnie, Meru and baby Jabari have all moved down the hill from the safari drive to the foot safari! This winter holiday will not only give them a brand new area to explore, but also means that you will be able to see them on your own journey around the foot safari!

Find these three beautiful animals behind the giraffe house.

But how would you move an animal of this size?

Take a look at the whole process in the video below. It’s a delicate process, combining different skills and trades to come together to find a safe and secure solution!

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