Our NEW bear country is open to explore! 

Welcome to Bear Country, the newest attraction in our Foot Safari, where you'll encounter our newest residents: two magnificent Andean Bears.

As you journey down to Bear Country, just beyond the Birds of Prey centre, you have the perfect opportunity to catch a sneak peek of these elusive South American stars through our peepholes! Remember, patience is key when encountering these shy species!

Along the way, delve into the fascinating world of these incredible animals, exploring not only their ecosystem but also the conservation efforts dedicated to ensuring their safety. Discover more about bears beyond our Andean residents, learning about different species from around the world, including those that are extinct too!

Once you reach the viewing window, positioned directly in front of their climbing platform, you'll have the perfect vantage point to observe them in action – whether they're enjoying a meal, lounging, or showcasing their incredible climbing ability.

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What else can you find down on the Foot Safari?

We're more than just a safari drive, our foot safari is the perfect place to continue your adventure. On foot, you will be able to see a range of animals from playful meerkats, to gentle giraffes and beyond! See if you can spot our beautiful Amur tigers down on the Tiger Trail too!

Feeling peckish? Indulge in a range of delicious food options before diving into our thrilling amusement rides.

Don’t forget to stop and watch our Californian sea lion display and our Birds of Prey display too before moving on.  It is a wonderful experience for children of all ages.

Learn all about our Andean bears and other Foot Safari favourites during our animal talks

Held every weekend and throughout the school holidays!
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