Category: Herbivore

Location: Safari Drive

About Common Eland

Eland are the largest of the antelope. At Knowsley Safari, we have Common Eland living on the Safari Drive and they can grow as tall as 1.8m to the shoulder!

The Common Eland population is estimated to be around 136,000. In the wild, Common Eland live in large groups of up to 500 called a herd. Just like humans, females are pregnant for 9 months and they give birth to one calf at a time in the spring.

Common Eland have spiralled horns to butt heads with rivals or protect their young from predators. When females give birth to their young, they will find a quiet place to ‘park’ their calf, returning to feed it several times a day. In the wild, this hiding place would be its only protection from predators. While mothers tend to stay in large groups with their young, males for smaller groups or split off to wander alone.

Name: Common Eland

Location: Eastern and southern Africa

Population: Around 136,000

Status: Least concern

Threats: Human and livestock expansion destroying habitats

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Fun facts about the Common Eland

 There are two types of Eland, the Common and the Derby,  and they are the largest type of antelope in the world. Whether you’re preparing for a visit or you’re just a little bit curious, take a look at these exciting Eland facts.

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    Eland are the largest antelope in the world

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    Adult males are around 1.6m (5′ ft) at the shoulder

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    Their horns are spiralled

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    Males are larger than females but both have horns!

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    They are capable of jumping 2.5m (over 8′ ft) from a standing start.

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Eland facts - Your questions answered!

An Eland is a type of antelope. It is a member of the Bovidae family and there are two different types of Eland in the world.

Large and slow, Eland are light brown in colour and have white stripes on their torso and dark markings. They have spiralled horns and males can grow as tall as 180cm to the shoulder, with females reaching a height of 150cm.


Yes! Unlike some antelope, both male and female Eland have horns with a spiral ridge.

Eland are herbivores so they mostly graze on grass and leaves. They have a varied diet and feast on grass, leaves, fruit, seeds and herbs.

As the largest of the antelope, Eland can grow to be as heavy as 940kg. However, they are more likely to weigh between 340-600kg and males are much heavier than females who are more slender.

Although they are the slowest of the antelope, Eland can still reach a speed of 25mph. What may be more impressive is that they can jump as high as 3 metres off the ground.

Originally from Southern Africa, Eland live in dry, arid areas and open planes like savannahs. They also live in the foothills of the great southern African plateau.


On the Safari Drive, you’ll see our herd of Common Eland in the African savannah area, but the largest of all is the Derby Eland who are critically endangered in Senegal. Derbianus Conservation has been working to protect Western Derby Eland in the wild. We regularly work with them on the ground in Senegal to undertake fieldwork, focused on semi-captive breeding populations of Western Derby eland. Learn more about our conservation efforts.

Meet our Common Eland

Where to see the Common Eland at Knowsley Safari

Cruise past our Common Eland at zone 6 on the Safari Drive in the African Savannah.

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