soar into the fascinating world of vultures!

We’re delighted to be offering a brand-new programme, in collaboration with Gauntlet Birds of Prey, learning all about Vultures and conservation efforts in Africa. 

Buckle up because your school's next trip to Knowsley Safari isn't just about spotting lions and giraffes. We're giving you the chance to dive deep into the often misunderstood role of vultures, those magnificent scavengers with wingspans wider than you can imagine.

Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged as we explore their vital role in the ecosystem and their unique adaptations, and even witness their impressive feeding habits.

So, dust off your curiosity, grab your binoculars, and let's take flight on a vulture adventure at Knowsley Safari!

School Years: 3 to 6
Price: £9.50 per child

Your day will be split into three very exciting parts…

Our Learning & Discovery team will share all about the roles animals play within the African ecosystem and understand why animals are endangered in the wild.

Take part in a special Birds of Prey experience with our Gauntlet team, find out why Vultures are a target for poachers and understand what we’re doing to help them.

Find out how Safaris and Zoos are supporting conservation in the wild.

Plus, you’ll also have free time to explore both the safari drive, our foot safari and attend one of our extremely popular sea lion displays. 

If you are interested in booking an visit for your class, you can email for more information or ring us on 0151 430 9009 (opt 2)

£1 from every child who books on the session will be donated to Gauntlet Conservation Trust to support the purchase of poison response kits. Gauntlet visits India and Africa each year to help support the conservation teams with aviary design advice, research and breeding support. The aim is to conserve a viable population of White Backed Vultures with the long-term aim of breeding healthy captive vultures for future release back into the wild.

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