Discovery Workshops

Taking place either in one of our safari classrooms or out and about in our foot safari, we have a range of topics, all linked to the national curriculum. Read more about what workshops you can choose from below.


Curriculum Link: Science (Animals/Habitats/Adaptations & Camouflage) & Number (Counting)

Content: Delivered as an interactive story, we will learn all about different animal habitats around the world as well as how & why animals blend in with their homes.

Location: Classroom

Age: KS1

Curriculum Link: Science (Classifications), Maths (Addition/Subtraction) & Literacy (Adjectives)

Content: In this session your class will be transformed into Animal Detectives to help solve a terrible crime that has been committed at the Safari. We will look into the differences between the 5 animal groups and use this to analyse clues left at the scene and follow them to find the culprit.

Location: Classroom

Age: KS2

Curriculum Link: Science (Endangered Animals/Technology)

Content: We will delve into the world of endangered animals, your class will investigate what causes animals to become endangered as well as look into how we help conserve those animals and their habitats.

Location: Classroom

Age: KS1 and KS2

Curriculum Link: Science (Africa/Habitats/Adaptations)

Content: Your class will go on an adventure into the Foot Safari and explore the different habitats on the continent of Africa

Location: Walking Tour

Age: Reception to KS2

Content: Choose from Rainforest, African Savannah or Deserts. Children take part in an interactive story session, using props and artefacts to bring the chosen habitat to life.

Curriculum Link: Science (Habitats/Diet/Adaptations)

Locations: Classroom

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