Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Guides

If you're looking for somewhere to take your Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Guides group then there is nowhere better for adventure than Knowsley Safari. We've created amazing days for visiting uniform groups to experience all the safari has to offer; from seeing rhino, lions and baboons on a 5-mile Safari Drive to discovering meerkats, giraffe and tigers on our Foot Safari! There is so much to see and do but don't worry, our team has created the perfect day for visiting groups so you don't miss things like our bird of prey display or sea lion display.

 There is more information below on your day at Knowsley Safari but if you have any questions or want to book in with our Learning & Discovery team email

Takeover Days

Knowsley Safari is opening its doors for uniform groups to ‘take over’ for the day on

Saturday 12th October 2024

With special Halloween activities on offer, extra talks and tours and resources made especially for the day. Whether you’re a rainbow, cub or guide all age groups are welcome!


What’s included: 

  • Entry into the safari park for the day- explore the foot safari and enjoy the safari drive on your own vehicle.  

  • Extra animal talks throughout the day along with the usual animal displays

  • Free print-at-home resource that you can use during your visit.  

  • 30-minute animal artefact session in our tiger classroom (places must be booked in advance and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis)  

  • A Knowsley Safari Uniform group badge to add to your uniform 

  • A leader guide with all the information you need to get the most out of your day  



  • £14.50 per child 

  • Leaders go free (in line with NSPCC recommended ratios for age)

  • Additional adults/young leaders £8.00 each  


Optional Extras:

  • Baboon bus - instead of driving around in your own vehicle you can book seats on our baboon bus. This must be booked in advance. Seats are £6.50 each, and anyone riding the bus must have a paid-for seat (children/leaders/young leaders/ 1:1s). Spaces will be limited, we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.  

  • Amusement rides - If you would to go on the amusement rides during your visit you can pre-book discounted ride wristbands. On the day the wristbands will be £12.00, if you pre-book them with us they will be half-price at £6.00 each. This gets you unlimited access to the rides.  


To book please contact with your group details and a contact number.

Earn a badge day!

Your typical day could look like this...

What your day could look like:

  • Arrival 9.30am - Yayy! Welcome to Knowsley Safari everyone...

  • Safari Drive 10 am - take a ride on our baboon bus to see all the animals 

  • Snack time 11:30 - Whoa! Did you see the size of that rhino? Time to snack to boost our energy

  • Badge activities in our Safari School 11.45 am - Get stuck into the badge work activities to help you earn your badge

  • Lunch time! - Re-fuel and have a play on the play area

  • Badge activities on our Foot Safari 1.00 pm - Go for an adventure outdoors finding animals on the way while you tick off some more things to earn your badge

  • Free Time 3.00 pm - You're well on your way to earning your badge! Go have some free time around the safari, see the animal displays and visit any animals you haven't spotted yet!



  • £19.50 per child

  • Leaders go free (in line with NSPCC recommended ratios for age)

  • Young leaders/All other adults/helpers are £8 each*

  • Please note: we have space for a maximum of 30 children. We work to a minimum number of 10 children to run our badge days, if the number of children you are bringing doesn’t cover this minimum charge then we will ask for the extra to be paid/leaders to contribute to the cost.


Badges Available:

We offer earn-a-badge days for brownies and cubs, with activities linked to the following badges:


  • On Safari

  • Mindfulness

  • Speaking Out


  • Animal Carer

  • Global issues



Now taking bookings for 2023- we have the last Saturday and Sunday of each month available for Uniform group badge days (excluding July, August and December).

To enquire please send your preferred dates along with your groups details to

Adventure days

If you are not working towards any badges but would still like to visit you are very welcome to join the adventure!

What your day could look like:

  • Arrival 10.00 am - Welcome to Knowsley Safari everyone...

  • Safari Drive 10.30 am - spot all of our animals on the safari on a baboon bus ride

  • Lunch time! - Refuel at our restaurant or in the picnic tent

  • Sea Lion Display 12.00 pm - find out how our sea lions are adapted

  • Another amazing display at 12.45 pm - did you know vultures are nature’s recyclers? See them, owls and eagles swoop over your group!

  • Foot Safari 1.30 pm-2.30 pm - See Tigers, Giraffes, meerkats and much more!

  • Free Time 2.30 pm - Get ride tickets or try the play areas, there's more exploring to be had

Standard Uniform Group Prices:

  • £10 per child for entry

  • £6.50 per seat on the baboon bus**

  • £6 wristbands for unlimited ride access

  • Leaders go free (in line with NSPCC recommended ratios for age)

  • Young leaders/All other adults/helpers are £8 each*

To enquire please contact

Staying at Woodbank Activity Centre

If you are staying at Woodbank activity centre and plan to come and visit the safari, if you book a baboon bus we can pick you up from Woodbank and drop you back off at the end of the day, there is no extra cost for this.

*We understand you need a certain amount of leaders for your adult: child ratios, we work to NSPCC ratios, any other helpers that are not needed as part of the ratios will be charged at £8 each.

**To book our baboon buses we work to a minimum charge, if the number of children you are bringing doesn’t cover this minimum charge then we will ask for the extra to be paid/leaders to contribute to the cost of the bus.


To make your booking process as smooth as possible we have included below some of the frequently asked questions...

At the moment we only offer ‘Earn a badge’ days for brownies and cubs. We are working on options for other groups.

If you are brining older or younger groups you are welcome to book an adventure day where entry will be £10 per child.

Yes we can pick you up from Woodbank in one of our Baboon buses, as It is not possible to walk to the safari from Woodbank. There is no additional cost for this pickup.

Our prices are £6.50 per seat on the baboon bus. Everyone who is coming on board the baboon bus will need a ticket, including adults and additional helpers.

If you have a smaller group, we can use one of our minibuses for a Woodbank pickup/minibus tour. These have 16 seats and have a minimum charge of 10 people at £6.50 a seat.

We do have our bigger bus, for larger groups, that can seat 33, and we need a minimum of 20 seats at £6.50 to be paid for to use this bus. If you would like a guided tour, this needs to be booked with our education team in advance. Our tours depend on driver availability and cannot be arranged on the day.

Payment is taken once you arrive at the safari. If you are being picked up from wood bank by our bus driver, he will drop you off at the main office to make payment after your tour. No deposit necessary.

You are welcome to purchase food from our restaurant during your visit. Currently, we only accept pre-orders for food from our Oasis restaurant. Please contact our team for menus and to pre- order. All other kiosks and food stations around the park, like those selling ice creams and drinks, are not available for pre-orders. You do not have to pre order from the restaurant, but we recommend to avoid long wait times and queues. Any pre orders need to be emailed to our education staff at at least 5 days prior to your visit.

If you're bringing your own lunch there are also a number of picnic areas around the foot safari.

We recommend wearing weather appropriate clothes and sensible, sturdy shoes.

We have a number of first aiders on site. You are welcome to bring your own first aid kit and do your own risk assessment before your visit.

Once you have booked your visit one leader can book in with us to come and do a pre-visit to familiarise themselves with the site and carry out their own risk assessment.

For us to make a booking for you please let us know the following information:

  • Name of uniform group

  • Name of organiser

  • Contact details for organiser

  • Date visiting

  • Number of children

  • Number of adults

  • Number of young leaders

  • Would you like a baboon bus?

  • Are you staying at Wood bank?

  • Would you like to add ride wristbands to your booking?

  • Which package would you like to book

Please email this to

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