Aspirations Day

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
Have you ever wondered what other job roles there are apart from animal keepers?
Do you know how to work towards a career working with animals?

Through a series of workshops, exciting games and guided tours, we'll inspire you to consider different zoo-based jobs available.

Aspirations Day is a program designed to broaden children's understanding of what careers they can aspire to and encourages groups to discover the different job roles you find within a safari like Knowsley.

This program has been created to inspire children to delve deeper into zoo-based jobs and to introduce them to a variety of career options within the safari environment. They will look at the different skills that are needed to work with animals as well as discover what a day in the life of each job role looks like.

Your upper key stage 2 class will explore the animals on the foot safari, including the sea lion display, and the safari drive to get an insight into the safari world.

You will learn about what a day in the life of an animal keeper looks like, as well as investigating the role of a zoo vet, you’ll even do some research on our Red River Hogs and find out why this role is so important.

If you are interested in booking an Aspirations Day visit for your class, you can email for more information - take advantage of our introductory rate of £7.50 per child.

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