Save wild tigers for future generations

We've teamed up with WildCats Conservation Alliance to help save Amur tigers in the wild by raising awareness of their endangered status and contributing to their conservation projects.

Wild tigers are under threat of extinction due to the loss of their natural habitats, illegal poaching and the decline of the animals they hunt for food. We’re asking for your help and support so that together we can Roar for Amur, keeping these charismatic predators safe for future generations.

Small change can lead to BIG changes. Help us protect the endangered Amur tiger with a donation of as little as £1.

Amur tigers were on the brink of extinction in the 1930s, but conservation efforts pulled their numbers up from less than 30 individuals to somewhere between 480 and 540 in 2020 but this is still far too few and continued threats mean the population is not safe, and sustained conservation efforts are still vital. Knowsley Safari is committed to supporting WildCats Conservation Alliance's work in the wild to save wild Amur tigers for future generations.

Small change can lead to big changes…


Anti-poaching teams work hard to keep Amur tigers and their prey safe, patrolling protected wild areas using SMART technology to find and stop poachers.

Working with local communities and vets, WCA funds projects to develop better strategies for people and big cats to coexist peacefully.

Using camera traps to identify individual tigers and where they are living, to understand what is happening to them in the wild, their movement patterns and breeding.

Educating younger generations, teaching them about nature, animals and how to protect Amur tigers and other wildlife.

Providing a future for wild Amur tigers is in our hands - together we can protect these beautiful cats and the habitats they safeguard.


Name: Amur tiger
Latin Name: Panthera tigris ssp. altaica
Location: Russia, China | Amur region
Population: 480-540
Status: Endangered
Threats: human-tiger conflict, poaching, forest fire, logging, inbreeding
Project Partners: WildCats Conservation Alliance

Who are WildCats Conservation Alliance?

WildCats Conservation Alliance funds wild tiger conservation projects run by various National and International organisations. They currently work in Sumatra, Nepal, Thailand, China and Russia to ensure wild cats can continue to thrive in the wild. They support locally appropriate programs that address key conservation issues through anti-poaching activities, population monitoring, wildlife health monitoring, conflict mitigation, education and outreach and capacity building.

WildCats Conservation Alliance is an initiative of the Zoological Society of London (UK charity #208728 and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (ACNC #61150274463).

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