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Helping endangered species comes with many challenges, from coordinating with foreign governments, to securing funds to pay for all the work. Public support for endangered species is generally linked to the animal’s appearance. Charismatic creatures like giant panda and tigers get lots of much-needed media attention, but there are other animals that don’t have widespread appeal, that are just as in need of our help. One such species is the Eld’s deer. We’re part of a project in Cambodia with Wildlife Alliance, actively working towards creating a healthy captive population of Eld’s deer ready to one day release back into the wild.

Wildlife Alliance is a long established organisation that offer direct protection to forests and wildlife in Cambodia. We’re donating equipment, contributing staff expertise and funding a new breeding facility being built in Cambodia.

Our latest project sees us funding a new enclosure to emulate the Eld’s Deer’s natural habitat. This new home has been fully funded by Knowsley Safari and will allow closer monitoring of the population in these beautiful surroundings. This money comes from our ticket sales, adoption packs, animal encounters and more, so thank you for helping support conservation across the world!

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