Struthio camelus

About the Ostrich

Ostrich Male and femaleThe ostrich is the world’s largest living bird. It survives through alertness, good eyesight and a top running speed of 72kph (45mph). It can also deliver a powerful kick with its strong legs. Living in the sandy African grasslands, its diet consists mainly of grass, fruits and seeds, though it is omnivorous and also eats insects and small animals. Male ostrich share responsibility with the females when incubating eggs.

Fact Finder

Ostrich are the largest living bird in the world. They are also the heaviest.

They have two sets of eyelids

Ostrich eyes are almost 5cm across, this means they have the largest eye of any land animal.

Ostrich eggs are the largest egg of any animal in the world

Ostrich are omnivores, they eat vegetation and small animals such as insects, lizards and rodents.

Ostrich are found in regions of sub-Saharan Africa

Ostrich are listed as least concern with a decreasing population.


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