Boselaphus tragocamelus

About Nilgai

The nilgai is the largest of the antelope family to be found in the Indian sub-continent, where they live in forests and low jungles. The males are easily recognisable by their slate-blue colour and short horns.


Fact Finder

The largest of the Asian antelopes

They are between 1.1m – 1.5m (3′ ft 7″ – 4’ft 11″)

Males are larger than females

They weigh between 100kg – 288kg (220lb – 635lb)

Only male nilgai have horns

Males are blue/grey in colour and females are brown

50% of births are twins

Mixed browser and grazer, they will feed on grasses, leaves and fruits. Their natural habitat is scrub jungle.

Nilgai are from India and are common throughout. They often live close to water in scrub jungle.

Classed as least concern, nilgai populations in the wild are stable. Removing any risk to their natural habitats will ensure their numbers remain stable or increase along with other species that share their home range.


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