Apis mellifera

About the Honeybee

honeybee on pink flowerThe Apis mellifera – or Honeybee to you and me – is one of the most commonly known insects in the world.

Humans began their fascination with these interesting insects thousands of years ago, when we discovered the marvellous taste of their honey!

Honeybees play a very important role in helping crops to grow. As the bees fly from plant to flower looking for nectar, pollen sticks to the brightly coloured hair that covers their body.

When the bees return back to the hive, they groom themselves and brush off the pollen from their fur. The pollen is then stored in a special part of the comb, as it provides protein and other necessary nutrients for the bees to survive!

Below is an animation commissioned by DEFRA to explain the need for pollinators, what’s happening to them, and what we can do about it.


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