Dromaius novaehollandiae

About the Emu

Emus live in the arid plains, woodland and deserts of Australia, where they are still common, despite being serious pests on farmland. They can run at up to 48kph (30mph) and are also good swimmers. They mainly eat fruit, berries and insects.

Fact Finder

Second largest living bird in the world

They can run up to 30mph

They are strong swimmers

They have a very powerful forward kick used when defending themselves

They have two sets of eyelids

They are the only bird in the world known to have calf muscles

Emu are omnivores. This means they eat both vegetation and small animals such as insects, lizards and rodents.

They are found in most areas of Australia. They live in most of the less populated areas of the continent and although they can survive in most regions, they avoid dense forest and severe desert.

Emu are listed as least concern with a stable population.


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