Eastern Kiang

Equus kiang

About the Eastern Kiang

The Eastern Kiang, also named Tibetan wild ass is the largest of the wild ass species and inhabits the alpine grasslands and steppe of the Tibetan plateau. They live in tight-knit small groups led by an older female and the herd members seem to do everything in unison – grazing, drinking, turning and running. Adult stallions live a solitary life for most of the year and defend their territory from rivals. Their rutting season is July – September when the stallions are at their most aggressive, jealously guarding their harems. Fierce and merciless batles can take place at this time between the stallion and any intruder or rival, resulting in cuts and bruises for both parties from the savage bites and kicks. The mares give birth to a foal weighing between 35- 40kg about 12 months later and the mother is able to breed again almost immediately after birth.


Fact Finder

Kiang are the largest of all wild asses


Kiang are herbivores, their diets are solely plant vegetation. In the harsh environment the Kiang call home, grazing land is sparse and poor quality, these conditions have lead this species to becoming hardy.

Kiang inhabit the alpine grasslands and steppe of the Tibetan plateau

Kiang are listed as least concern with a stable wild population and is legally protected across its home range.


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