Black Vulture

Coragyps Atratus

About the Black Vulture

The American Black Vulture is a small New World vulture, common throughout South America and southern United States. Despite being similar in appearance it is unrelated to the Eurasian Black Vulture. Its plumage is mainly glossy black. The head and neck are featherless and the skin is dark gray and wrinkled. They favour lowland areas along rivers or in open habitats but have also adpated well to human activity and readily scavenge around markets and rubbish dumps. Black Vultures mainly scavenge small to large sized dead animals & soar looking for carcasses or other scavenger activity, especially the Turkey Vulture. The Black Vulture does not build a nest but lays its eggs in a cave, between large rocks, at the base of a tree, or in a hollow stump. The female lays 2 eggs that are incubated by both parents for 38 – 45 days.


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