Black Kite

Milvus Migrans

About the Black Kite

The Black Kite occurs in many parts of the world including Asia, Africa and Australia. They are a migratory species and the European Black Kite only spends the summer breeding months in mainland Europe (as indicated on map) and the winter months in Africa. It is a typical kite in appearance with long wings and a long forked tail. The plumage is dark brown with slightly greyer head. It is slightly smaller and less bulky than the Red Kite. Black Kites will take small live prey as well as fish, household refuse and carrion. They are attracted to fires and smoke where they seek escaping insect prey. They are well adapted to living in cities and are found even in densely populated areas. Large numbers may be seen soaring in thermals over cities. Black Kites usually nest in trees, building a small nest that they line with a wide range of materials including bits of rag, paper, fur, dung and dried skin. They lay between 1 to 5 eggs that are incubated for around 38 days.


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