Bactrian Camel

Camelus bactrianus

About the Bactrian Camel

The two-humped Bactrian Camel lives in the highlands of Central Asia, where it feeds on prickly scrub and salty water. They store fat in their humps for when food supply is scarce. The wild bactrian camel is critically endangered. The camel seen in zoological collections around the world are a domesticated form. During spring and summer they can take on an almost commical look as they lose their thick winter coats. Now almost bald, they can cope with the summer temperatures as their new coat starts to grow.

About our Camel

You can see the camel in when entering zone 1 of the safari drive and again when exiting the safari drive as you pass through zone 9. If you are visiting through the spring and summer you will see for yourselves the various stages of their transformation. When loosing their winter coat each year they can look quite messy and when guests return for a winter visit the camel will be covered once again in a thick winter coat.

Spring time showing their coats part way through shedding for summer:


Winter time showing the coat regrown and ready for the cold:


Fact Finder

Camels have hooves like deer, antelope, pigs and rhino.

Their feet are wide to prevent them sinking in the sand.

Their humps store fat reserves for when food is scarce.

Wild bactrian camels are at risk of becoming extinct within a generation.


Camels are herbivores – they eat plant material such as grasses, leaves and other vegetation. Because food can be difficult to find in the desert, camels have evolved an appetite for almost anything, so will try to eat anything they find.

Feeding the animals at the safari park is not allowed and food should be kept out of site when on the safari drive to avoid animals like the camel from eating things that could be harmful.

he two-humped Bactrian Camel lives in the highlands of Central Asia.

The bactrian camel is critically endangered which means it is at risk of becoming extinct in the wild.


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