Thank you for joining us at the Tiger Parade 2019. This event is now finished.


The Basics

What: Amur Tiger Parade including FREE ENTRY for successful entrants

Why: Help us raise awareness of the endangered Amur Tiger – only 500 left in the wild

Where: Knowsley Safari

When: 9.30am, Saturday 25th May 2019

How: Dress up! Unleash your inner tiger!

More Information

We’re looking for 500 ‘big cat kids’ and ‘Amur adults’ to join our first-ever Tiger Parade on Saturday 25th May.
The Tiger Parade is completely free to join for successful applicants, and we just ask that people are roaring-to-go by donning tiger outfits or tiger-inspired face masks to take part.
Taking place throughout our foot safari, the Tiger Parade will mark an incredible 12 months since our two Amur tigers, Sinda and Bira, moved into their new Tiger Trail habitat.

Make sure you come back after the parade to see our Tiger Talks happening throughout the day on the Tiger Viewing Platform.
As well as providing hundreds of thousands of visitors with the unique opportunity to see and learn about the tigers close-up, our Russian-inspired 10,000 square metre natural habitat is helping protect one of the world’s most endangered big cats.
There are only around 500 Amur tigers living in the wild and Knowsley Safari is supporting projects run by the WildCats Conservation Alliance to save these tigers throughout the Russian Far East.
By joining our Tiger Parade on Saturday 25th May, you’ll be helping to raise further awareness of the plight facing the Amur tiger as well as celebrating the fantastic projects helping to protect them for future generations.
You can register by submitting your contact details below. Registration closes Wednesday 15th May. All successful participants will be able to enjoy the full Knowsley Safari free-of-charge once the Parade has finished.
The Parade will start at 9.45am on Saturday 25th May and participants are asked to arrive at Knowsley Safari at 9am in their outfits. Registered participants will be informed by email if they’re registration to take part in the Parade has been successful by Friday 17th May. They’ll then be emailed a voucher, which must be shown on the day of the parade and will provide free-access to Knowsley Safari for one day – any adults accompanying children and wanting to take part in the Parade must complete the registration form.

Terms and conditions

  • I accept that my actual participation in the Tiger Parade, and the participation of any other people I am registering, is subject to confirmation from Knowsley Safari and that if my registration is successful, I will be notified by Knowsley Safari.


  • If I am successfully selected to take part in the Tiger Parade, I accept that I and any other people I am registering will need to attend Knowsley Safari on Saturday 25th May in a tiger-themed outfit. A tiger-themed outfit can include, but is not limited to, a tiger costume, accessories such as tiger ears and tail, tiger face paint and / or a clothing outfit which is a combination of orange, black and white colours. I accept that as a bare minimum to be able to take part in the Tiger Parade that I have to wear an outfit which is a combination of orange, black and white coloured clothing when attending Knowsley Safari on Saturday 25th May.  


  • I accept that if I am successfully selected to take part in the Tiger Parade that participation entitles me, and each person I have registered and that is successfully selected, to free entry only to Knowsley Safari on Saturday 25th May 2019, when arriving before 9.45am.


  • I accept that if I am successfully selected to take part in the Tiger Parade that Knowsley Safari reserves the right to cancel my participation at any time and in such an eventuality this voids my free-entry to Knowsley Safari on Saturday 25th May 2019.


  • By taking part in the Tiger Parade, I give permission for myself and any accompanying people that I am registering to be photographed by Knowsley Safari. I acknowledge that Knowsley Safari will retain the rights for the photographs and that photographs may be used for promotional purposes including publication in publicly-available media and on social media.


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