Wednesday 17th July
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Safari School and Safari Drive
£7.50 per ticket

This out of hours safari tour is all about the amazing Pere David's Deer. At this time of year our Pere David deer are gearing up for the summer breeding season. They’ve spent all winter preparing for it, growing impressive antlers, warming up their vocal chords and flexing their strong neck muscles in preparation for the rut! Up on the safari drive, you’ll start to see the males sizing each other up and practicing their sparring ahead of the main event – the rut!

The Rut Watch is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience this rarely seen natural behaviour up close. With a limited number of places available, this is an extremely exclusive opportunity to see this majestic animal’s behaviour at its peak.

Expect to see the mature stags with the largest antlers utilising their bulk and impressive headwear to intimidate the competition, males calling out in competition to be the loudest, and more. All you need to do now is book your seat!

* Please wear comfortable clothing. This event will take place under cover or in the Safari Baboon Bus.



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