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10th July - 5th September

This summer, BrickLive Ocean is coming to Knowsley Safari

28 life-size ocean creatures made from those little bricks loved by children and grownups alike will be popping up across 23 places on our Foot Safari!

Discover the real meerkats, bush dogs, giraffe and more as you look for the brick creations this summer, marking them off your map as you go! A fantastic adventure for the school holidays!

Over 5,000 hours of the building will come to life right here on safari in the form of life-sized orca, sharks, giant squid, African penguin, green turtle, puffins and much more! Over 1 million bricks make up the BrickLive Ocean trail.

Get up close to these amazing structures made using one of your favourite childhood toys before continuing your family adventure coming face to face with the real animals on the Amur Tiger Trail, the Bird of Prey Display and the 5-mile Safari Drive!

So if you’re an animal lover or a brick building fan, Knowsley Safari is where you need to be this summer for a truly wild adventure!

 You don't have to pay anything extra as the event is included in admission, Book online now!

Book online now!

Check out the builds!

BrickLive Ocean
Splashing down summer 2021: BrickLive Ocean is making waves. Check out this video to 'whet' your appetite!
Model Build
See how a flock of Puffins come together out of toy construction bricks for our BRICKLIVE Ocean touring show!

Find the brick models on the Foot Safari

This summer 30 life-size brick models will arrive on our safari. From spindly, life-size spider crab, to the towering hammer head shark. All 30 can be found across the foot safari, from the Amur Tiger Trail the Wild Trail. Including an interactive photo opportunity and themed merchandise at the store.

Your questions answered 

BrickLive Ocean is 31 models that are created with over 1.3million bricks.

The models took a total of 5425 hours to complete and 2 days to install on the Foot Safari.

No, BrickLive Ocean is included in the price of your admission ticket!

The brick models can be found around the foot safari! Use your map to find them all across 23 locations.

BrickLive Ocean will take place from the 10th of July - 5th of September 2021.

There are 30 models across 23 locations! See if you can find all 23 ocean scenes!

Access to BrickLive Ocean is included in your admission ticket. Online bookings only.

EAZA - Which Fish? Campaign

Let's start adapting to the changing tides and asking ...Which Fish?

Being home to these impressive ocean sculptures for the summer will give our guests the chance to find out more about the weird and wonderful sea creatures. Each model will have a sign allowing you to find out more about the creature and its conservation status. Enabling guests to think more in-depth about the problems sea creatures face and explore these issues. For more information about the campaign visit: EAZA's campaign- Which Fish?


What is Which Fish?

With 70% of the volume of our planet covered in the Ocean, it is critically important to protect and learn about this mysterious habitat and the fantastic creatures you can find in it. Unfortunately, 76% of the world's fisheries are fully exploited or overfished. As a result, 8 billion kilos of unwanted bycatch are thrown out yearly. If overfishing continues, food fisheries may collapse entirely by 2050. This EAZA Campaign addresses how commercially-based human activities impact marine species conservation. 


What do we do?

We hope that the models and information will help educate guests and spark an interest within your family. We hope to encourage others to make fundamental changes to their lives by applying the already shared vision to united objectives for marine biodiversity management and protection. At the very basic, we hope our guests will be informed and will want to keep asking questions about how to better the fish we buy according to labels, seasons, sizes, and fishing location. 

You can find out more on the EAZA Which Fish? Campaign website or click here.


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