Terms & Conditions

Our admissions policy

1.Right of admission reserved.

2. On entering the park visitors are bound by the conditions of entry.

3. Feeding of animals is strictly forbidden.

4. Children aged under 36 months are free of charge.

5. Child rate applies to children aged 3 to 15.

6. Adult rate applies to those aged 16 to 59.

7. Senior rate applies to those 60 years or over.

8. A group rate is available to parties of 15 or more in one vehicle.

9. School rates only apply during school term times.

10. Nursery rates:- please contact the park directly.

11. Concessions for carers:

a. We offer free entry to carers only on the production of a blue badge or the following evidence from the DWP:

i. Evidence that you are in receipt of Carers Allowance.

ii. Evidence that you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance.

iii. Evidence that you are receipt of Personal Independence Payment

iv. Evidence that you are in receipt of Attendance Allowance.

b. We offer free admission on a one to one basis only.

c. Additional carers pay the advertised admission rate. Therefore a visitor who requires 2 to 1 carer ratio would be required to pay for the client and one carer.

d. It is the carers’ responsibility to show evidence of the above.

e. Refunds will not be given if evidence is produced after admission.

12. We do not offer a student discount/NHS.

13. At this time we do not offer foster carers discount.

14. We operate a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse towards staff.

Safari Safely

  • Soft-top cars and coaches and buses with roof-top skylights are only suitable for the car-friendly route.
  • Soft-top cars are not allowed through the lion or monkey section.
  • Baboons may damage your car, so you can either use the car-friendly route or be prepared for this possibility.
  • Dogs are no longer be allowed in any areas of the safari park.  We do however provide basic accommodation for your dog should you wish to bring them on your trip. A £5 refundable lock is available at reception on arrival.
  • Please read and comply with all signs, especially signs to keep windows and doors locked and closed when in the Baboon enclosure and Lion Reserves.
  • It’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure everyone stays in the car in the safari park and precautions are taken for their car. For your own safety do not get out of your car as there are wild animals on the safari drive.
  • Sitting on your car roof on the safari drive is not permitted.
  • Please drive on if any large animal approaches the vehicle – it’s the driver’s responsibility to do so.
  • If you break down or need assistance, please stay in the car, sound the horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to come.
  • Please do not touch or feed the animals in the safari park.
  • Children must be under the supervision of adults and cars containing children must keep the doors locked at all times.


Knowsley Safari enters into this agreement on behalf of themselves, contractors and all agents. The following and the above terms and conditions stand unless changes are made in writing and signed by Knowsley Safari.

Knowsley Safari accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that happens as a result of ignoring the safety advice or other conditions as explained. Knowsley Safari reserves the right to alter prices, facilities and animals without notice, each person who enters the park agrees to all these terms and conditions.

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