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Carnivore Keeper Experience

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Take to the safari with our animal team and drive into lion country! Join one of our safari drive team on the carnivore section and get close to some of natures apex predators. For around two and a half hours you will be on the safari drive with the animal team experiencing what it is like to look after the needs of these powerful and dangerous animals.

Your encounter includes a drive out to the big cats, meeting the pride and being on lion patrol. The animal team will aim to get you as involved as possible with the African lions, Siberian tigers and Iberian wolves. You will receive free admission to the safari and as part of your experience get 10% off an annual membership giving you all the benefits of being a member at the park including free entry for a year.We will also include 10% off in the gift shop or restaurant on the day of your experience.

A gift voucher will be posted out to you, with instructions on how to book in your encounter. Bookings can only be made during March – October, with limited availability left in 2016.

The Carnivore Keeper Experience is for 18 years +. The Carnivore Keeper Experiences are for one person only maximum.




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