Bird of Prey Experience – Half Day

Price: £65.00

Bird of Prey Experience – Half Day - £65.00

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In conjunction with Gauntlet Birds of Prey, Flight of the Talons at Knowsley offer experience days which are designed to allow guests to get close to, fly and learn more about Birds of Prey, and enjoy being in their company.

Your day will begin at 10.30 and we will start with an introduction into birds of prey their life with us, how we train them and most exciting of all how to handle and fly them.

During your time with us you will handle and fly a variety of raptors.

Your experience will start at 10.30am and finish at approximately 1.30pm.

Spectators are welcome with guests at the regular price of entry into the safari park, please give prior notice for spectators joining you on the day.

This is not an intensive course to teach people how to practice falconry or keep birds, but a relaxed day, set at the pace of the guests joining us. You will learn how to handle Birds of Prey and have an intimate insight into the work we do.

We look forward to seeing you on the day and don’t forget suitable outdoor clothing, footwear and a camera to catch those unforgettable moments.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation of courses will not be accepted 14 days before your booking. This will result in the loss of your voucher.
Bird of prey vouchers are non refundable.
Transfer or gift vouchers to friends or family can be arranged on request.
Gauntlet accepts no responsibility for loss or injury at the park
Bookings can only be made from March – October



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