Meet the mob! Join our animal team behind the scenes at the meerkats to walk with these intriguing and popular animals.

A meerkats time is mostly spent foraging and finding tasty insects to eat and for around half an hour you will be with the animal team preparing and scattering the food around the exhibit for these fascinating animals. Your encounter includes entering the meerkat enclosure with the mob and assisting the animal team with feeding so please wear footwear that completely covers your feet.

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You will receive free admission to the safari and as part of your experience, you get 10% off an annual membership giving you all the benefits of being a member at the park including free entry for a year. We will also include 10% off in the gift shop or restaurant on the day of your experience.

Encounters are for a maximum of 2 people only, there will be occasions when separate bookings are grouped together for an encounter.

A gift voucher will be sent out in the post to you, with instructions on how to book your encounter. However, bookings can only be made for dates between February - November.

Disabled access is limited to this area, so please make us aware of any extenuating circumstances upon booking.

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