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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an animal lover, then look no further than our animal adoption packs! Get a gift that will really make a difference! Half of every adoption purchase goes directly to one of our chosen conservation projects, helping to fund important work with endangered species both overseas and in the UK.

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Adoptions start from just £40 for one of our five most charismatic creatures at the safari park.

Every adoption package will include:

You can also choose from some fantastic extras to make your adoption even more amazing:

Animals copy You can make an additional donation to a conservation project Adoptions Footprint Transparent
Animals copy You can donate toward an enrichment device for your chosen animal

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Behaviour Change Challenge

If you are wondering what our Behaviour Change Challenge might involve, don’t worry, it’s nothing too scary! We want to encourage as many of our supporters to start thinking about how small changes in everyday life can have a positive impact on animals in the wild, as well as the natural environment as a whole. Look out for behaviour change pledge ideas around the park and on our Facebook page to learn more about what you can do every day to make a real change!

Adoptions bought will be supporting our conservation work.

Native British Conservation Project -Ecological Surveys Supporting Native Plants and Animals.

In 2017 we created a new pond habitat for UK native wildlife right here on the safari. The pond has been redefined and made larger. A walkway has been built to allow the team access when monitoring wildlife and we’ve been seeing life thriving!

Derby Eland
Eld’s Deer

Wild Camel

White Rhino


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