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We now work in partnership with Puro fair-trade coffee, and our beans are on a mission to save the rainforest one cup of coffee at a time!

Coffee beans grow in vast rainforests, that are home to an incredible range of biodiversity. From bugs to birds to bears, there’s hundreds of thousands of species living in rainforests around the world – even some species we haven’t discovered yet! Unfortunately, the mass production of coffee beans contributes to the hundreds of acres of deforestation that occurs daily. Puro coffee work with the World Land Trust so every cup of coffee we sell helps to buy and protect  the worlds rainforest. When you visit us look our for the displays in our coffee house which will tell you how many acres of rainforest have been protect so far . So not only will get to enjoy a great quality coffee you’ll also be doing your bit for conservation as well !

Our coffee shop also sell freshly made sandwiches and delicious home made cakes and cookies as the perfect treat for your little adventurers.




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