Minibeast Discovery Workshop

New for Summer 2016

The Learning and Discovery team have developed an exciting and engaging workshop – “Minibeast Discovery!”

IMG_3835This is a fun and interactive session designed for both KS1 and KS2 set in our beautiful woodland walk. In this topic; children will have the chance to work in groups and go on a minibeast hunt! Working together they will use simple equipment to discover various minibeasts lurking in the undergrowth. Using ID sheets and keys; they will then use their scientific skills to identify which minibeasts they have found.

This session has curriculum links to habitats, classification and growing up and is designed to reinforce what children have already learnt about these topics.



Why Should You Choose Minibeast Discovery?

With more emphasis being made on the value of children learning outside the classroom; minibeast discovery is the perfect chance to get kids learning and having fun while outdoors! The beauty of the woodland walk makes it the ideal place for children to explore. In this workshop the children get to participate in group work and use simple scientific equipment to discover minibeasts hands on! With more focus being placed on the importance of conserving British habitats and native species, there is no better time to learn all about the wonder of British woodlands!

*Note* There are no live animals used in this session, except the ones that the children discover for themselves!


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