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Featured Topic – Classifications

The Learning and Discovery Team offer a range of topics, whatever you are covering this term there is a suitable workshop for you, whether you’re coming to Knowsley Safari or we are coming to you on Outreach.

One of the topics we offer is Classifications.

During a classifications workshop one of our educators will turn your pupils into mini zoologists. We will discover the difference between animals with bones and those without, introducing the words vertebrate and invertebrate.

You will get the opportunity to meet real live invertebrates such as a Giant African Land Snail or a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach.

Working our way through the different groups of vertebrates the pupil will get the chance to touch real animal fur, feathers and eggs. Seeing reptiles and amphibians close up they learn what characteristics determine what group an animal is categorised into.

If you are visiting Knowsley Safari opt for a Classifications Enhanced Discovery Day. After your workshop you will visit the birds of prey to build on the knowledge you have learnt during the workshop. There will then be an opportunity to see mammals during a walking tour where you can watch the Giraffes or Meerkats being fed. To finish your day take a drive arrive the safari where your educator will tell you fun facts about all the animals you see.


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