Rules of entry

Stay safe when you explore and follow our rules of entry. Our animals behave as close to the wild as possible and can be unpredictable, so staying safe inside your car at all times is essential. If you breakdown while on the safari drive, it is important that all passengers stay within the car – you should sound your horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to come to your assistance.

Guests are strictly prohibited from feeding the animals – that’s our job! If you are seen feeding the animals from your vehicle you will be asked to leave the park.

Our safari drive is full of wild animals who can act unpredictably at times and we are not able to accept any responsibility for loss or damage caused by any of our animals and you accept this as part of our conditions of entry.

To reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle follow the car friendly route to avoid entering the baboon enclosure, never stop next to our larger animals and if approached move forward slowly. Alternatively why not purchase tickets for our Baboon Bus.

Safari Safety



Dogs are not allowed in any areas of the safari park. This includes both the safari drive and also the pedestrian areas of the park.

We do however provide basic accommodation for your dog should you wish to bring them on your trip.

A £5.00 refundable padlock is available at reception on arrival.

Our kennels provide basic accommodation for your pet. Drinking water is available but we do not provide water bowls or blankets. Please feel free to bring with you any items that will make your pet as comfortable as possible.



Knowsley Safari enters into this agreement on behalf of themselves, contractors and all agents. The following and the above terms and conditions stand unless changes are made in writing and signed by Knowsley Safari.

Knowsley Safari accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that happens as a result of ignoring the safety advice or other conditions as explained. Knowsley Safari reserves the right to alter prices, facilities and animals without notice, each person who enters the park agrees to all these terms and conditions.

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