Safari Drive

Our 5 mile safari drive is the longest in the UK and home to everything from our cheeky baboons to our magnificent lion prides. The drive takes about an hour to complete and the best bit is …. you can go around as many times as you want!


Our 550 acre drive through safari, is home to many animals from around the world. The drive is broken up into different zones where you will drive through and see animals in as close to natural conditions as we can achieve – this means sometimes the animals may be hiding at the furthest point of their enclosure and other times they will be right next to the road, ensuring you get authentic up close animal experiences. That’s the beauty of the safari drive – its different every time you go round!

Our drive through lion enclosure, where our pride of lions roam around the cars, is a real highlight of the safari drive but there are plenty of other highlights as you continue your safari journey. You’ll see rhino with zebra, wildebeest and forest buffalo not to mention camels, nilgai and kiang bison and rhino! To find out more about our animals check out our wildlife pages.

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Our baboons

We are famous for our drive through baboon enclosure but did you know that you can watch their antics from a safe distance if you’re not quite brave enough to venture in? You can take our car friendly route which still gives you fantastic views of our cheeky residents.

If you fancy the thrill of the baboons without any of the risk then try our baboon bus. You can phone us on the morning of your visit to book your seats and you’ll be driven the whole way round the safari as well as through the baboon enclosure.

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Rules of entry

Its important to us that our guests and animals stay safe so we ask all guests to follow our rules of entry. Our animals behave as close to the wild as possible and can be unpredictable, so you should stay inside your car at all times. If you breakdown while on the safari drive it is important that all passengers stay within the car, you should sound your horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to come to your assistance.

Our safari drive is full of wild animals who can act unpredictably at times and we are not able to accept any responsibility for damage caused by our baboons within their enclosure. If you would prefer not to take this risk then why not take our car friendly route or even hop on our Baboon Bus.

Guests are strictly prohibited from feeding the animals – that’s our job! If you are seen feeding the animals from your vehicle you will be asked to leave the safari park.

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