Category: Ungulates

Location: Safari Drive

About Wildebeest

With a heavy build, Wildebeest are the largest of the two types of gnu. At Knowsley Safari, we have Wildebeest on the Safari Drive and they can grow as big as seven feet tall.

The current population of Wildebeest is estimated to be over 1 million. In the wild, Blue Wildebeest live in groups called a confusion or herd. Females are pregnant for 8.5 months and their babies walk almost immediately when they are born.

Wildebeest have large horns to help defend themselves as well as fur to keep them warm in colder weather. Their dark stripes also help them to disguise themselves in the dark. Wildebeest graze and migrate in harmony with Zebra as they both feed on different parts of the same plants. As both animals can be quite vulnerable in large open spaces, they team together to form a larger group because there is more strength in bigger numbers.

Name: Wildebeest

Location: Wildebeest are found in Southern Africa. Mass migration is dependent on having large areas of land connected

Population: Around 1,550,000

Status: Least concern

Threats: Habitat fragmentation, agriculture, reduction of water sources, poaching

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Fun facts about the Wildebeest

Also known as the Common Wildebeest, the Wildebeest is a large antelope. Whether you’re preparing for a visit or you’re just a little bit curious, take a look at these brilliant Wildebeest facts.


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    Wildebeest are also called Gnu
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    Their migration follows the rain
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    1.5 million wildebeest live in the Serengeti
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    They have a gestation period of 8.5 months

Wildebeest facts - Your questions answered!

Yes! Wildebeests only eat plants and prefer to eat grass and leaves.

Wildebeest follow the rainfall. This is so they can always have access to lush green grass to feed on. When it comes to wildebeest, it turns out that the grass is always greener.

Wildebeests are mighty creatures. The Wildebeest can weigh a whopping 272kg!

Yes. Although lions will feast on a number of large herbivores, like zebra and buffalo, their favourite meal is a wildebeest.


Despite their large size, wildebeest can reach speeds of 50mph! This helps them to outrun predators when they are being chased.

Wildebeest usually live for around 20 years, however they have been known to live for as long as 40 years.

Also known as a gnu, wildebeest are large antelope and are part of the Bovidae family along with cattle, goats and sheep.

Meet our Wildebeest


Where to see the Wildebeest at Knowsley Safari

Cruise past our Wildebeest at zone 6 on the Safari Drive in the African Savannah.

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