Category: Ungulates

Location: Foot Safari

About Vicuña

With a slender build and long neck, Vicuña are the smallest of the camelids. They are from the same family as llama but are more closely related to the alpaca. At Knowsley Safari we have Vicuña on the Foot Safari on the Equatorial Trail which is also home to the Capybara and Tapir.

They are found solely in South America, mainly in the mountainous regions of Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador. Uncontrolled hunting for wool and meat almost destroyed the species. Strict protection laws against the trade in wool in Peru and Chile and the creation of protected national parks have helped the animals to recover.

Name: Vicuña

Location: Vicuña are found in South America. Vicuñas occur in the Andes in southern Peru, north-western Argentina, western Bolivia, and northern Chile. They live in mountainous areas, with cold-dry weather.

Population: Around 350,000

Status: Least concern

Threats: Commercial development, agriculture, energy production, transportation, invasive species & diseases, climate change

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Whether you are preparing for a visit to the safari to see a Vicuña up close or just want to know more about these magnificent creatures, we have some fun facts for you to check out.

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    They live in grasslands in elevations of up to 19,300 feet in the Andes mountains and can even run at 30mph at elevations of 15,000 feet.
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    This is all due to them having a heart that is 50% larger than the average weight for similar sized mammals.
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    They are shy animals who have a warning call which sounds like a soprano whistle.

Meet our Vicuña


Where to see the Vicuña at Knowsley Safari

Stroll past our Vicuña down on the Foot Safari. They live with the Capybara and Tapir on the Equatorial Trail.

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