Category: Ungulates

Location: Foot Safari

About Red River Hogs

Red river hogs are a member of the pig family and live in the wild in Africa. At Knowsley Safari, red river hogs live on the Foot Safari opposite the giraffes. 

The current red river hog population is unknown but they are not thought to be under threat. In the wild, red river hogs favour rainforests, wet savannahs, forested valleys and they like to be near water like lakes, rivers or marshes in the Congo region and Gambia.

Red river hogs live in groups or ‘sounders’ with 4-20 hogs in a group. These include one male and the rest of the group is made up of females with their piglets. It is the boar’s job to protect the females in the group from any predators. They are very sociable so tend to stay within their family group.

Name: Red River Hog

Location: Red river hogs are from central and western African forests

Population: Unknown but currently decreasing

Status: Least Concern

Threats: Humans hunting

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Fun facts about Red River Hogs


Although they are primarily nocturnal animals, red river hogs are still active during the day. Whether you are preparing for your visit to the safari or just want to know a bit more about these furry mammals, we have some cool red river hogs facts. Learn more about the red river hogs when you visit them on the Foot Safari.

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    Also known as the bush pig
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    They prefer areas near water
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    Red river hogs are omnivorous which means they eat both meat and vegetation
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    Gestation lasts for 120 days

Red River Hog facts - Your questions answered!

Red river hogs are omnivores so they eat both plants and meat. They mostly eat roots and tubers along with fruit, grasses, herbs, lizards and carrion.

Red river hogs come from Africa and are mostly found in the central and western parts of the continent. They live in savannah woodlands, dry forests and areas with lots of crops.

Part of the pig family, red river hogs have a distinctive long snout and vibrant reddish-brown fur. They have black legs and white markings along the spine and around their eyes.

Just like the rest of the pig family, baby red river hogs are called piglets. There are usually 3-4 piglets in a litter and they are brown with yellow stripes when they are born.

When they are fully grown, red river hogs can grow up to 1.4m long and can weigh as much as 70kg.

Meet our Red River Hogs

Where to see the red river hogs at Knowsley Safari

Come and visit our red river hogs on the Foot Safari, right opposite the giraffe viewing platforms.

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