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Home School Safari is an online, free to access, learning resource hub from Learning & Discovery at Knowsley Safari. Education videos, resources and learning aids for parents and teachers, in the class or at home. We're adding to this library all the time so please come back and check for the latest uploaded content and if you have any requests, please drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

Latest Video - NEW TOPIC: Rainforests

Laura & Ellie from Learning & Discovery have a new video lesson about rainforests. 

Animal Talk - Giraffe

Ellie from Learning & Discovery gives us amazing facts about her favourite animal - the giraffe. There's also a question and answer download you can use after watching the video as a fun activity. 

Animal Talk - Meerkats

Laura from our Learning & Discovery team talks to us about meerkats.

Topic - Classification

Laura and Ellie tell us what types of animals there are and what's different about each group. There are two main groups of animals; vertebrates; animals with a backbone and invertebrates; animals without a backbone. There are five types of vertebrate; mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird and fish.

Classification: Mammals

Do you know what makes a mammal a mammal? Do they have fur, scales or feathers? Here's Laura to introduce us to the classification of mammals!

Classification: Reptiles

How do you get warm? Is that a clue to what makes a reptile different to other animals?

Classification: Birds

Birds have feathers but do they all fly?

Classification: Amphipians

Do you know the life cycle of a frog? Ellie's here to tell us what metamorphosis means.

Classification: Invertebrates

Ellie introduces us to one group of invertebrates, insects!

Classification: Fish

In this episode Laura talks to us about fish!


TOPIC: Food & Feeding

Carnivore, herbivore and omnivore... what foods do different animals eat?

TOPIC: Rainforests

In this episode, Ellie and Laura tell us about rainforests and show us some of the animals that live in the rainforest.

Veterinary Video

Veterinary science is part of every day life at Knowsley Safari - we have filmed two of our most recent veterinary procedures on some of the parks largest animals.

And relax... take a moment to do some virtual bird watching. See how many different species of birds you can see from our woodland camera. Then see how many different species you can see in your garden or outside your window. 

And as we have warmer nights, you'll see bats hunting. We survey the bats that hunt at Knowsley Safari.

Keeper Cam is our way of showing you what's happening on safari while we're closed. During morning checks this camel came for a close up;

Photo Gallery

Knowsley Safari is closed for now, but we're still here, every day, caring for animals. We'll upload photos from safari in the gallery below during the temporary closure so you can still see the animals. Don't forget you can download our free app and hear the team talk about the different species you can see at Knowsley Safari.

Camel Call

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Have your very own virtual reality safari at home!

Do you have a Knowsley Safari guidebook at home? Then you can bring the safari to your house using our augmented reality app - it's FREE! Simply download the app, open the guidebook to the trigger pages and you can have a giraffe, tiger, rhino, lion, meerkat, wolf and bird of prey moving around your house or garden. 

If you don't have a guidebook you can order online and we will post one out to you. A great way to continue helping to support Knowsley Safari while we're closed.

Easter Fun at the Meerkats;

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