Tiger Trail

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Brand new this summer is our Amur Tiger Trail, where visitors can explore a forest in search of tigers.

Our Russian-themed Tiger Trail is home to two tigers, sisters Bira and Sinda, who joined the safari as part of a European breeding programme in 2010. Let’s meet the girls…


Bira is the dominant of the two females, takes charge of food, space and enrichment.


Sinda is submissive to Bira, she is very playful and curious.

Tiger Truths

Think you’re an Amur Tiger expert? Prepare to be amazed with these ROAAAR-ing facts!

We think Amur Tigers are beautiful and we want to spread the word on just how amazing they really are.

Did you know tigers can run while carrying prey weighing up to 100 kilograms in their mouth? That’s equivalent to 20 hares or a whole deer! Learn more about the Amur Tiger with these eight interesting Tiger Truths – you’ll be an expert researcher in no time!

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  1. Amur tigers are the largest living member of the cat family.
  2. They’re very elusive animals, meaning it takes a lot of training and research to spot one in the wild.
  3. Amur tiger cubs are born blind, which is why they stay very close to their mother for the first two months.
  4. An Amur tiger’s fang can measure from five to eight centimetres, the largest of the cat species!
  5. In a similar way to our human thumbprints, Amur tiger stripes are also unique.
  6. They mark their territory by spraying urine on rocks, trees and bushes, leaving their scent behind.
  7. The average adult male Amur tiger can weigh up to 300kg – that’s the same as ten dalmatians!
  8. Amur tigers’ claws can reach up to 10 centimetres long; this helps them capture prey.

Amur tigers mainly come from Eastern Russia, where the climate consists of extremely cold temperatures, especially in the winter, when they can drop to -38 degrees!

Amur tigers get used to these climates, so when the temperatures begin to rise in the warmer months, they use pools of water to cool off. In Sinda and Bira’s new home, we’ve made sure they have a pool to play and swim in, allowing them to feel comfortable in all temperatures.

Did you know tigers don’t like getting water in their eyes and will often enter the water backwards to avoid it? See if you can spot Bira and Sinda going in for a swim on your visit!

Think you could survive in the wild?

Follow these steps and put your den building skills to the ultimate test on your visit to Knowsley Safari!

Did you guess correctly?


Tigers are hunted for a number of reasons. For example, some parts of a tigers body are thought to have special powers and are used to make medicine and remedies. Tigers are also hunted for their fur and skin which is used to make rugs. In Asia, having a tiger rug in your home signifies wealth and high status.

Tiger Tourism

Thailand has a huge tiger tourism industry. Visitors are allowed to take selfies and have cuddles with tigers that are actually being kept in cruel conditions. If tourists stop visiting these places then it’ll put these tourist attractions out of business and save tigers from dreadful living conditions.


In Russia, the native country of our beautiful Amur tigers, habitats are being destroyed by illegal logging. Deforestation leaves tigers unable to hunt and find shelter. You can do your bit by checking the origin of the wood products you buy.

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Amur Information

The Amur Tiger Trail allows visitors to explore a forest in search of tigers. This is no ordinary walk in the woods… You’ll be transported into our Russian themed exhibit where you’ll discover everything there is to know about Amur Tigers!

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Amur Construction

Take a look at some of the hard work that went into creating the perfect home for Bira and Sinda. This exciting new area opens in Spring and we want to give you an insight into the physical construction of the project.

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