Equatorial Trail

Explore the world of the unique species found between the North and South hemisphere around our Equatorial Trial! Including the lowland tapir of Brazil, the sitatunga of Central Africa and the capybara of South America, our exploration of species living on the equator allows you to get up close and personal with a variety of fascinating animals found only in these unique habitats.

Best of all, we offer a variety of different ways to explore this part of our foot safari! You can get a great view around our equatorial and elephant enclosures from the raised viewing platforms, take a ride on our Equatorial Express or go boating on Mizzy Lake!

Equatorial Express

The Equatorial Express is a miniature train running through our Equatorial Trail designed to get you truly up close and personal with our animals. Running alongside our red river hogs, and then directly through the tapirs, sitatunga, and capybara, you’ll be sure to get a rare and unique viewpoint of these incredible species from the comfort of our express train!

Tickets for the Equatorial Express can be bought for £2 per person from our information centre or the train driver. Each individual rider will require a ticket, or alternatively, access to the train is included with an all-day amusements wristband available for £10 per person, or £8 for members.

Mizzy Lake

Living on the equator means that lots of these species are just as happy in water as they are on land! Our Mizzy Lake boats allow you to enjoy a relaxing experience alongside the equatorial trail, rowing at your own pace so you have the opportunity to enjoy these animals on either land or water.

Our boats can carry a maximum of 6 guests, at only £5 for 20 mins boat hire. Life jackets are mandatory for any children under 18, and are highly recommended to all guests on the lake.



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