Tiger Trail

Embarking on any adventure is exciting, but beginning your journey through our Tiger Trail is something else! Our Russian-themed Tiger Trail is home to two tigers, Sinda and Miron.

Come nose-to-nose with Sinda and Bira like never before at our pond viewing spot. You might even spot them splashing about in the water!

Amur tigers mainly come from Eastern Russia, where the climate consists of extremely cold temperatures, especially in the winter, when they can drop to -38 degrees!

Amur tigers get used to these climates, so when the temperatures begin to rise in the warmer months, they use pools of water to cool off. In Sinda and Miron's home, we’ve made sure they have a large pool to play and swim in, allowing them to feel comfortable in all temperatures.

Did you know tigers don’t like getting water in their eyes and will often enter the water backwards to avoid it? See if you can spot Bira and Sinda going in for a swim on your visit!

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Think you’re an Amur Tiger expert? Prepare to be amazed with these ROAAAR-ing facts!

We think Amur Tigers are beautiful and we want to spread the word on just how amazing they really are.

Did you know tigers can run while carrying prey weighing up to 100 kilograms in their mouth? That’s equivalent to 20 hares or a whole deer! Learn more about the Amur Tiger with these eight interesting Tiger Truths – you’ll be an expert researcher in no time!

Amur tigers are the largest living member of the cat family.

They’re very elusive animals, meaning it takes a lot of training and research to spot one in the wild.

Amur tiger cubs are born blind, which is why they stay very close to their mother for the first two months.

An Amur tiger’s fang can measure from five to eight centimetres, the largest of the cat species!

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