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Experience our brand new guide book with amazing AR technology! We’ve given our old guide book a complete refresh, with a new look, new and exciting games and even more fun facts!

Plus we’ve brought the pages to life! When you pair your guidebook with the AR Safari app, you can use Augmented Reality technology to see the animals jump off the page right in your very own living room!

Pair the app with the guidebook

Alongside our guidebook, you can download our latest AR app. Using augmented reality, the app lets you see the animals jump off the page right in front of your eyes. Simply open the app, scan the page when you see our special app markers, and be wowed as a tiger appears on the page! Or maybe you fancy seeing a baby rhino bounding around your kitchen, or an eagle soaring around your living room – it’s all there in the app!

Rhino being shown in AR
Join our Safari Selfie Trail

Join the Selfie Trail on Safari

We have 5 animals just waiting for you to discover them, but these aren’t ordinary animals, these will spring to life on your phone and get into to place ready for their photoshoot!

Using the AR SAFARI app on your phone you simply scan the trail signs or scenes when you find one and watch as your phone comes to life!

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