Vulture Awareness Day

1st September 2018

Every first Saturday in September is International Vulture Awareness Day! This is a day dedicated to the misunderstood and under-appreciated vulture!

At Knowsley Safari we’ll be celebrating all things VULTURE. This means special vulture shows, vulture crafts and vulture meet and greets!

Check out our bird of prey displays at 2.30pm and 3.30pm to celebrate the VULTURE with us.

The vulture has long been associated with death and decay. People think of them as ominous or dirty, but in fact the vulture is an incredibly important part of the ecosystem. Vultures are nature’s ‘clean up crew!’ Vultures are one of the few animals that can digest rotting meat which means carcasses aren’t left to rot and harm other animals. Without vultures, a link in the ecosystem is broken and as Shelly says in the video above, “it just doesn’t work.”

We’ll be raising money on the day for vulture awareness! Find out more about conservation with Gauntlet Birds of Prey here.

The vulture’s key characteristics, the big strong neck and great hooked beak, make them perfectly adapted to dive straight into animal carcasses. They don’t have sharp talons like other birds of prey, but their feet are incredibly strong to help them tear into the flesh of their food. You might not believe us, but the vultures you’ll see here at Knowsley Safari are actually incredibly tolerant and friendly. Up close, you can really appreciate this beautiful bird and dispel the myths that surround them.


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