Experience: Small Mammal Monitoring

Price: £5 per person

Date: 29th July, 30th July

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm, 7:45am – 9:30am

Join us here at the park for an amazing insight into the lives and behaviours our resident native species. You’re invited to join us for a two-day event, spanning 2 hours on the evening of 29th July, and 1 hour 45 mins on the morning of 30th July. You’ll learn about the variety of mammals that live at the park that you may rarely ever see! You’ll build and set humane traps, and investigate your findings the following morning. Think you’ve got what it takes to monitor our native mammals?

–          No unaccompanied under 18s

–          £5 ticket price includes both evening and morning sessions, as well as refreshments

What You’ll Do

From the entrance gates you’ll be direct to the Rainforest Classroom for a 45 minute presentation on the kinds of mammals we have living in the UK, as well as why it’s important for us to monitor them with events such as these. You’ll then make your way down to the woodland to build and set humane traps that will be left overnight in the hopes of catching a variety of different species.

When you arrive the following morning you will set out to investigate the traps and ID the animals found.

What To Wear

We would advise guests to wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothes. A large portion of this event will take place in the woodlands and so would recommend you bring a jacket should the weather turn.

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