Camel Weekend

22nd – 23rd July 2017


Do you love our camels? Our mischievous, stubborn, beautiful camels? Well we do! You may have seen them blocking traffic on the safari drive, being nosey and peeking into your window or flashing those big beautiful eyelashes. They’re fantastic creatures, each with their own distinct personality and they have some amazing adaptations to help them survive in the wild.

Here at the safari, we support the Wild Camel Protection Foundation, which is the only charity in the world that focuses on saving the Wild Camel from extinction.  This year we’re running a fun filled camel weekend celebrating all the things we love about camels, wild and domestic! This event will be happening at Safari Basecamp on the foot safari and best of all, it’s included in your entry fee!

What is it?

Our camel weekend is a day filled with action and adventure! We’re excited to introduce you to Gobi our camel puppet! This amazing, life-like puppet, created by the makers of the West End’s War horse, is on his way to Knowsley Safari! Find him on our foot safari and get the kids ready to wake him up to put on his show throughout the day.

Show times:


While Gobi is napping, make sure you visit our activity tables and get involved with the crafty things our team of experts have in store! There’s some great things, to see, learn and create!

If you want to make this weekend even more exciting, we’re running exclusive VIP tours with our keepers. Take a trip onto the drive and get even closer to the camels and learn from the people in charge of looking after them every day! For just £5 per person, you could be hopping into your very own VIP camel tour. Tickets are now available online and on the day. Make sure you don’t miss out and book now!


How will we help?

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation’s sole aim is to protect the Critically Endangered wild camel and its habitat, the Gobi Desert. The money we raise will go towards keeping this amazing species happy, healthy and thriving in the wild.


Book your safari tickets now and get ready for the fun to begin!



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