Learning Resources

Our online learning resources for teachers have been developed by our Learning & Discovery team to help you and your class get the most out of your Safari school trip.

These printable worksheets are free to download and feature quizzes, questions, and fun facts to enhance the educational experience for young adventurers exploring our Walkaround with their class.

Each of the resources targets different topics to help you choose the work that best suits your students, key stage and curriculum. So if you are visiting us, why not use these worksheets to discover more about the animals as you explore the walk around area!

On the day

How long is a giraffe’s tongue? What do elephants use their tusks for? What are a meerkat’s favourite foods?

All of this and more in our Walking Safari worksheets developed for both Key Stage 1 and 2, taking a broad look at the diets, habitats and adaptations of a range of animals in our Walkaround area.

KS1 Walking Safari 

KS2 Walking Safari

What is the lifespan of a giraffe? What do you call a group of meerkats? What is the biggest threat to elephants in the wild?

Focusing on our most popular African species, this Key Stage 2 learning resource takes a look at the unique African animals at our Walk Around, including giraffes, elephants, and meerkats.

Africa KS2 Worksheet

What kinds of habitats do capybaras live in? How do elephants keep cool? What kinds of trees have unique leaves?

Our Key Stage 2 Habitats worksheet is designed to look at the different kinds of habitats various species at our Walk Around might live in, and what kind of adaptations they have developed to help them survive – from the savannah to the woodland!

Habitats KS2 Worksheet

What kind of fur does a capybara have? Does the sitatunga’s long thin legs have a special purpose? Why is a tapir’s nose so different?

Discover more about our amazing rainforest species at our Walk Around with this Key Stage 2 worksheet that takes a focused look at our equatorial species.

Rainforest KS2 Worksheet 

What can you spot on the safari? Use this handy work sheet to tick off all the different animals you can spot during the day!

Can you get them all?

KS1 Can you spot?

KS2 Can you spot?

Additional resources

A short guide book filled with information and facts for teachers about the animals you may encounter during your Safari Outreach class.



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