Tiger Workshops

New Tiger Workshops

Brand New Tiger Lessons!

New for September 2018 – we’re launching our brand new tiger workshops in the outdoor tiger classroom! Interactive, fun and engaging with lots of exciting games and activities that get the children thinking and working together in groups. (These do not include live animals, but plenty of artefacts for the children to see)

At the moment we are offering two topics described below for both KS1 and KS2 pupils, but keep an eye out as we will be adding to our repertoire in the future.


Workshop 1 – Asia and the Arctic!

During this session students will discover a range of animals from the forests of Asia and the frozen land of the arctic. They will discover a range of adaptations animals from both habitats have, to survive such challenging conditions.


Workshop 2 – Terrific Tigers!

What do tigers have that make them terrific? In this session your students will discover all about the different features and adaptations tigers have to survive in the wild. Get up close and personal with our tiger artefacts and activities and discover the wonderful world of tigers!


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