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Literacy Competition - Reception & Year 1

Literacy Competition

Is your class full of imagination? Why not get involved in our literacy competition for the chance to win a free outreach session for your class.

Reception & Year 1: The information below is also available as a printer friendly download by clicking this link.


  1. Read the story about ‘How the Tortoise got his shell’ with your class
  2. Get your class to draw a picture to tell the story
  3. Get your class to write a sentence about what they have drawn

Curriculum Links:

English- reading comprehension- Listening to and discussing stories that are at a level beyond that at which they can read independently.

Art and design- to use drawings, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination.

English- writing composition – Pupils should be taught to write in sentences, discuss what they have written and read aloud their writing.

How to Enter:

The name, age, school and contact details should be written on the back of each picture, only 1 entry is allowed per child and unfortunately we will not be able to return submitted entries.

Entries can be dropped off at the park during your visit or posted to Ellie Sowerby, Learning and Discovery Team, Knowsley Safari, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 4AN.

Closing dates for entries is Friday 21st July 2017

An Adaptation of, ‘How the tortoise got his shell’

Long, long ago in the desert, lived a tortoise. Tortoise had a brown wrinkly body because the sun was always beating down on him, and without a shell he was getting burnt! Tortoise was the fastest animal on earth.

One day, Tortoise was running a race against Cheetah. Tortoise was running fast, so fast that Cheetah could not see him! Suddenly, Tortoise tripped and tumbled down a steep rocky mountain.

Later that day, at the bottom of the mountain, Tortoise woke up, spinning on his back. He felt all dizzy and was in lots of pain. He tried to get up, but couldn’t! He felt something hard and heavy on his back. He realised that he had a cracked rock on his wrinkly body! Cheetah came crashing down the mountain to see if Tortoise was ok. He tried to help Tortoise get up and pull the rock off his back. Tortoise screamed in pain as the rock would not come off! Cheetah said ‘’You look better with the rock on your back, and it will protect you against the Sun. Let’s have another race!’’. ‘’No thanks,’’ said tortoise, ‘’I am tired’’, and curled up inside his rock.

So that is how the tortoise came to have a shell – and how the Cheetah became the fastest animal!

Terms & Conditions The closing date for entries is Friday 21st July 2017. One entry is allowed per child. It is not possible for us to return entries to you. By entering this competition you are agreeing for your school name, entrants name and pictures to be used in publicity material. The winning individual will receive a free outreach session for their class. Outreach session is available September- December.  We reserve the right to make amendments to the competition details without prior warning.



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