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Bring science to life with our safari science outreach!

The Learning and Discovery team at Knowsley Safari have developed a number of exciting sessions to bring the science that happens at the safari to your school. In the Knowsley area we can visit schools to deliver a range of topics and spark children’s interest in science topics they may not have come across before. We can either visit you over a series of weeks or just a one off.  Our safari science programme aims to increase pupils knowledge and understanding on a number of topics linked to science, animals and conservation. The programme is designed to be interactive, promote positive behaviour, allow pupils to think for themselves and problem solve while taking part in practical activities. And most of all it is designed to be FUN!

Sessions are designed for groups of 10-30 KS2 and KS3 children and last one hour, children must be supervised by a teacher throughout the sessions.

Cost: £30 plus VAT per session*

Where: We are happy to travel within a 15 mile radius of Knowsley Safari to your school to deliver this exciting programme.

When: If the session is taking place after school you can book all year around. If you would like a session in the afternoon we offer these between September- February.

*We are keen for children that may otherwise not be able to benefit from the offering at Knowsley Safari to be able to benefit from this programme. Therefore we have priced the sessions to merely cover our costs in the hope that this will make the sessions accessible to all.

What are you waiting for! Call the Learning and discovery team today to book in.

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Discover Our Sessions

Discover what’s involved in each of our sessions.

Session 1: Who am I?

For the introductory session the educator will spend some time getting to know the pupils and answering questions about the Safari.  Pupils will carry out a quiz for the educator to gain an understanding of the level they are working at so that sessions can be tailored to the group. Then the pupils will explore a range of artefacts in small groups trying to identify who the artefact belongs too. Pupils will be asked to ID each artefact; there will be opportunity for questions and interesting facts to be shared on each.

Session 2: Animal design

During this session pupils will get the chance to discover the array of habitats planet earth is home to.  The students will develop their knowledge and understanding on a variety of different habitats, along with which animals might be best suited to certain habitats. This is all achieved through a fun and interactive activity designed to encourage group work and independent learning. Topics touched on during this activity range from habitats to adaptations where students will learn about a range of adaptations animal’s posses to survive in such challenging habitats. We will then put their skills to the test and give them the chance to design their own animal. In group students will work as a team to develop their own animal from a criteria provided to them. They will sketch their own animal out and answer a series of question. Once completed students will present their animal to the class.

Session 3: Enclosure design

This is a fun and creative session where pupils work in groups to design their own tiger enclosure! They are given a brief introduction to our tigers at Knowsley Safari then put forward their ideas for what is needed to make a great animal enclosure. The pupils can then use their imagination to create the tiger enclosure before presenting it to the rest of the class. At the end of the session the educator will share some exciting, behind the scenes footage of the enclosure we have built for the tigers at Knowsley.

Session 4: Science at the safari For KS3

Pupils will unveil the science that happens at Knowsley Safari and across other zoological collections. They will then get a chance to put there science skills to the test taking on the role of a ‘safari scientist’ to carry out a number of practical activities. These activities include determining which animals should mate with which other to maintain healthy populations, deciding which water is suitable for marine life, exploring research tools and their uses and correctly identifying animals and understanding why that’s important. The session concludes with a discussion about the achievements of science and the pupil’s views on that.

Session 5: Continents for KS2 only

Pupils will explore the 7 continents through 4 different interactive activities. Working in small groups they will gain knowledge on the different animals, festivals and countries that are found in each continent. Getting the pupils to think for themselves they explore different statements and work out which continent it is most relevant to, at the end of the session the pupils partake in a fun quiz to recap the new information they have learnt.

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