These are aimed for new groups of students that have just joined a course and are looking to get to know each other. The day gives plenty of opportunities for students to chat, work together in a team and see lots of animals!

There are two different options for the days. Each day includes a 1 hour guided tour of the safari drive on your hired vehicle/s, a 45 minute workshop and a 45 minute activity on the foot safari as well as the bird of prey and sea lion displays if time permits. The price of the day depends on which activity you choose for the workshop, but all staff are free. There are two options which we have described below:

Bisons roaming near a Knowsley Safari Bus

Create Your Own Icebreaker Day

Sept - May £10.50/student 

June - July £11.50/student



  • A 45 minute workshop or activity
  • A guided tour of the safari on visitors vehicle (only available for groups of 20 or more)


Choose from:

  • Modern zoo lecture. Students will learn all about the role of a modern zoo. They will be introduced to important terms such as BIAZA, CITES and the IUCN as well as the vital education and conservation work that Knowsley Safari carries out
  • Zoo tycoon activity. Students have to work in groups to pick which animals they would choose to make up their own zoo! Working together they will have to make informed decisions and present their ideas.
  • Careers talk. Students will learn about what it takes to work within the animal industry from education, conservation, research, veterinary medicine and animal keeping.
  • Endangered Animals workshop. Students will learn all about why animals are endangered and the threats that they face which are caused by humans. They'll focus on tigers, rhinos and elephants!
  • Adaptations workshop. Students will learn about some adaptations that different animals have with the opportunity to see some real and model animal artefacts as well as a couple of smaller live animals up close

Enrichment Icebreaker Day

Groups of <30



  • 1 hour guided tour of the safari drive
  • A 45 minute workshop where the students can make enrichment for some of our animals! Students will either make enrichment for our bats and meerkats, or for our wolves, red river hogs and bush dogs! Designed to be very fun, hands on and messy – they will have to work with each other to prepare something exciting for the animals to enjoy; no doubt the students will also enjoy this activity too!
  • A 45 minute tour of the foot safari where they will get to see the enrichment being placed and how the animals react to it.

For an added experience you can also add the baboon bus to your booking! This is £6.00 per seat (minimum charge £60 if fewer than 10 people.)

Terms and conditions:- Due to the nature of these activities, availability is first – come, first – served. For the enrichment icebreaker day we can only offer this for groups of 30 or less, and they will have to split into two groups on the day to make the enrichment. We reserve the right to change or remove activities as necessary and without prior notice. These days are available from September to May only. For the baboon bus – this seats a maximum of 16 people. Staff are free, but any additional adults such as parents are £7.

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