Operation Kill-A-Watt


In June 2015, Knowsley Safari’s Green Team launched Operation Kill-A-Watt! This competition pit staff against staff as people from all over the park came together and joined teams to see who could reduce their electric usage the most.


Our aim: To reduce electricity usage by 10% compared to the same time last year

The team with the highest reduction were set to win 25% of the overall saving – this was a prize of over £500 for reaching our target 10%! And the other 75%? Well, that’s going towards improving Knowsley for the future. From LEDs, to light sensors and more, we’ll be implementing energy saving measure through-out the park!

You could say we’re trying to change a little, to save a lot!

Meter Reading Usage (Kwh) Weekly Change Total Change
team-red 359,096 719 -20% -17%
team-orange 1,821,798 4,739 -17% -9.3%
team-yellow 409,531 658 -29% -40%
team-pink 499,597 236 -59% -39%
team-purple 354,602 127 -36% -34%
team-blue 160,981 391 -19% -17%
team-white 136,195 4,510 -16% 3.2%

The results of Operation Kill-A-Watt are mind-blowing! Despite an increase of visitors through-out 2015, our teams managed to plummet their electricity usage by up to 59% during the competition. That’s an incredible saving of £2007! It goes to show how small changes and a little extra thought can have a huge impact on our eco footprint – and our wallets!

This significant investment in energy saving measures around the park is preparing us to continue to reduce our electricity and water usage year-on-year. You can learn more about sustainability at Knowsley Safari here!



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